Overcoming cultural shock as a foreing student in the UK- Pros and Cons of Studying abroad.

Foto blog1By: Alejandro Becerra

As a way of introduction, I may start by saying I’m only 18 years old and I have only been here for almost 5 months already. Since I was really young I had the dream of studying my Undergraduate Degree outside of my home-country: Colombia. When the opportunity finally came I was more than happy to go for it, without knowing it will be a long and hard process. Since the first days, I was quite aware of the fact that the culture was completely different, even getting surprised when the only language I heard around me was English. I’m not completely used to the British Accent, but that has been one of the easiest parts of the process of adapting. The educational system, the way relationships are managed, and the way to manage you money appropriately became the points in which I have had problems, and I cannot say I have gotten used to it. The fact that for money issues the living standards are reduced makes it harder. But the fact of being able to endure the process and to strive to a better future makes it worth it. The opportunity of studying abroad makes all the pain and discomfort worth it. Although I have not had an easy process of adapting, I would recommend this to anyone who wanted to study abroad, it is an amazing experience and it will be a really rewarding one if you are able to getting through it.

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