Executive Summary
Macro economically Latin-American student mobility is prompted by shared political sensibilities and in many ways the perception that overseas countries offers a high quality education system. The general economic stability of Latin-America and the internationalization of local Universities should increase this trend through 2014 – 2023, and strengthen the position of Institutions from overseas in the regions. The report evaluates these factors and concludes that EduPlanet market expertise, local student recruitment knowledge and in-country operation support contribute to the development of overseas institutions in two particular areas. The first is strengthening the brand name in the Latin-American market, it includes Universities partnerships, Agency recruitment initiatives, Government recognition and in-country student recruitment, and secondly be able to recruit a target students during the year, which should boost recruitment by 30% for the following years.
About EduPlanet Limited
EduPlanet was founded in July 2012 in England, United Kingdom. Is a service provider of educational consultancy, one of the best options in the market for students who want to develop their careers and pursue further education abroad. Most of our students come from South America aiming to improve their language skills and getting involved in the culture and life experiences overseas. With offices in Colombia (Bogotá), England (London) and México (Ciudad de México). EduPlanet is not a traditional agency, we are market experts and educational consultants, and we aim to integrate our partner institutions with the overall growth strategy of EduPlanet. This is done through planned recruitment campaigns, establishing and monitoring marketing budgets, maintaining strategic partnerships with other organizations. More specifically, we analyse potential business opportunities, we use innovative marketing to increase brand awareness of our partner institutions.
Partner Institutions
 University of Salford Manchester - England  University of Hertfordshire - England  London South Bank University – England  Northampton University – England  Bath Spa University - England  BPP University - England  West of Scotland University – Scotland  Université Catholique de l´ouest – France  ESSCA School of Management - France  Westcliff University – USA  Kingston College - England  Cambridge Regional College – England  The English Studio - England  St Lawrence College – Canada  Loyalist College - Canada  LSC – Malta  HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute - Switzerland
For students: - We provide one-to-one consultation service, application submission, guidance for visa application, preparation for departure and follow-up work to make sure students transit to the specific Institution. - We attend student’s fairs, exhibitions, and key institutions in order to raise the profile of institutions among stakeholders. - We promote institutions programmes through social media channels, and identify cost-effective advertising opportunities. - We advise students in regards to English requirements and to arrange official English tests recognised by our partner institution.
For Official Bodies and Universities: - We raise institutions brand awareness through collaborative partnerships with local organisations and universities. - We deliver market opportunities to institutions and generate, design, arrange meetings with partner’s institutions and institutional representatives in Latin- America. - We organise presentations for students, academics, institutional bodies on behalf of the institutions.
Marketing Support and Reporting
- EduPlanet provides specific marketing support requirements to institutions, it include: brochures, leaflets, booklets, etc. - EduPlanet. uses the name of institutions for only representation purposes, both brands are independent. However, stakeholders will associate EduPlanet. as the official representative. - EduPlanet. gives comprehensive notice to institutions in regards to exhibitions, institutional visits or any activity where EduPlanet. will need official representation from institutions. - Quarterly reports will be delivered to institutions covering: activities, students, applications, budget expenditure this is not limited and can include any specific information institutions require.

Certificación British Council

En el 2016 recibimos orgullosamente el aval del British Council Colombia para asesorar a nuestros estudiantes en sus procesos rumbo al exterior.


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